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The hit web series “IMomSoHard” is coming live to the The Ballroom at Talking Stick Resort on Saturday, July 27, 2019.

The comedy duo comprised of Kristin Hensley and Jen Smedley talk the good, bad and funny about motherhood. From snot to stretch marks to sleepless nights, Kristin and Jen know firsthand that parenting is a tough job and reflect upon the casual conversations about motherhood that make their series so popular. Moms everywhere will be laughing along with these ladies, whose social media videos have over 100 million views.

Ladies, it's happening. We cannot believe it. #IMOMSOHARD goes on sale in just a few days! This is our last big push before our little book baby comes out into the world (book labor is different than labor labor, but it does involve a lot of pushing). 

In all seriousness, we are so proud of this book! Not just because it was a labor of love to write it but because of why we got to write it. You, the incredible moms out there, have made this possible. This book is not just about two crazy moms who sat in front of a camera one day—it's about all moms, who get the oatmeal out of each others hair, pluck one another's chin hairs, and who lean on each other when the going gets rough. 
We want this book to be a bestseller not just because it would be awesome for us personally, but because it's a real testament to the fact that women don't just disappear when we become moms! We might be tired all the time, and late for everything, and yes we might have some spinach in our bra, but we are beautiful, we are badasses, and every single one of us moms as hard as we can. 

We love you guys. Seriously. We're crying now. 

Kristin and Jen


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